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About the Chat Space


The product was created in order to optimize the processes of the marriage business. Chat Space is not an extension for chats and emails, it is a software solution. The company's development structure began with an interface. This was the first step towards optimization, we got rid of a lot of problems and came to a real solution:

  • Improving employee performance
  • Reduced operator rotation
  • Agency income growth
  • All profiles are visible in one window

The second step of Chat Space began with mailing, the mechanism of which was created not to waste time, but to save it. We analyzed the work of our competitors and found a considerable number of flaws. Third-party extensions perform only a small part of the tasks, the effectiveness of which is questionable. But, standing still and moving forward are two different things. The Chat Space newsletter is a new and improved system, this is the future of the marriage business. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main features:

  • launch of mailing for a month in advance
  • automatic blacklisting, bookmarks / favorites
  • statistical data accounting

This is more than enough for the operator to spend more time on real work than on useless clicks associated with launching and changing mailings.

Chat Space keeps things simple as long as possible.


Smart mailing

Chat Space provides for the launch of mailings for a week or even a month in advance, without constant human intervention. There is auto blacklisting, bookmarks, favorites and more. Your operator will spend time on real work, and not on useless clicks associated with launching and changing mailings.

Apps for:
windows apple linux android chrome

Any number of questionnaires in one window

Your operators will be able to open any number of questionnaires in one window, which will greatly speed up and simplify work. Chat Space does not require resource-intensive PCs, there is no load. Third-party extensions require higher performance as they work in browser mode with a large number of windows.

Apps for:
windows apple linux android chrome

Operator control system

A unique control system is provided especially for administrators. All the work on analytics is done by KPI Systems from Chat Space, and you just have to draw a conclusion about the operator's work. Previously, the administrator spent hundreds of minutes checking an employee, now this time will be reduced to 2 minutes.

Apps for:
windows apple linux android chrome

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