Become a director

How to become a director of a marriage agency

Chat Space is not only software, it is also a knowledge base that will help you create a marriage business from scratch. Our experience and connections will help you solve your problems.

Package 1


  • Site selection
  • How to get the Admin Panel
  • Official registration (Legalization)
  • Search for clients
  • Operator search
  • All secrets and pitfalls
  • 30 days of escort

You will receive an answer to any question regarding this field of activity. Tips on what and how to do better. Plus step-by-step instructions from A to Z. Thorough implementation of the instructions will give you a ready-made and successful business.

Expected monthly turnover when choosing Package 1: Unknown. Everything depends on you.

The cost
Package 2


  • Selection of 2 sites
  • Getting Admin Panels
  • Official registration (Legalization)
  • 20-40 clients as a gift
  • Operator base
  • 90 days of escort

At the exit, you will have an almost ready-made business plus step-by-step instructions for further development steps.

Expected monthly turnover when choosing Package 2: $ 500 minimum. Much depends on you.

The cost
Package 3

Ready business

  • 2 ready-made sites
  • 2 Admin panels are ready to go
  • Official registration (Legalization)
  • 50-100 clients as a gift
  • 3 operators
  • Income
  • Office
  • Equipment (PCs, tables, monitors, etc.)
  • 180 days of escort

After the conclusion of the contract for 1-3 months. You get a ready-made and customized business with income and employees. The process will be customized as much as possible, your task is to manage and maintain the atmosphere.

Expected monthly turnover when choosing Package 3: $ 2500 minimum. The rest is up to you.

The cost